Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Top SkinCare Tips for Working Women

Putting your best face forward at an out-of-town business meeting means starting with healthy skin – even when jet-lag and sleepless nights in a hotel make feeling refreshed seem impossible. Learn how to pare down your regimen without making sacrifices, for skin that’s radiant and glowing even miles away from home.

1. First things first: review regulations. Before packing your carry-on, find out restrictions about how many Liquids and Gels you can bring, and how small the containers have to be. This will save you time later, when you realize you’ve brought too many items and have to waste time checking an extra bag. Once you know the rules, it’s time to tailor your Routine to an on-the-go lifestyle.

2. Simplify your Routine. If you shop Smart, you only really need a handful of items in your carry-on. Here are the staples:

3. Be wary of pressed powder compacts, which have the tendency to break when knocked around too much. Loose powder is fine if it’s packAged securely.

4. Consider the climate. If you’re headed to a climate that differs greatly from what you’re used to, keep this in mind when you’re choosing what to bring. 

5. Landing in a hot, dry location? You might need a little more moisture than usual. Going somewhere humid? Bring lightweight products and, if you occasionally break out, sLip an acne-fighting formula into your suitcase, too.

6. Think outside the bottle. Good things come in towelettes too! These products are mess-proof, spill-proof and airport-friendly.

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